Welcome to the CTSE Capital Solutions loan application process. The service is designed to guide you through an application process, and register your companies loan requirements for qualifying investors to review and potentially make a loan offer if the assessment criteria and due diligence process has been passed. The process is designed to filter companies for investors pre defined criteria, hence only selected companies will pass assessment and you will be notified at each stage if additional information or business attributes are required.

Before you start the registration process, there are some initial questions to answer to ensure your company is applicable to the assessment process.

1. Has your company been trading for longer than 2 years?

2. Is your company in good standing with SARS and all credit agreements?

3. Are all your company directors in good standing with SARS and all credit agreements?

4. Do you have audited financial statements for the last 2 years?

5. Do you have a forecast and business plan?